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Welcome to Winter 2019

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Dear Readers,

thank you for visiting Wirtschaftswetter. Wirtschaftswetter-International, our English-language section, offers you themes, information, tips and services. The next edition of Wirtschaftswetter goes online in April 2019. If there is anything you would especially like to see in the magazine or if you would like to leave us a message with your suggestions, interests, wishes or questions, we will be glad to receive your e-mail:

Quote: "You cannot escape the responsibility for tomorrow by evading it today"
Abraham Lincoln

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Theme: Better Life Index. Because in general macro-economic statistics don't provide a detailed picture of the living conditions that ordinary people experience, in 2009 the OECD started it's Better Life Initiative with a well-being research to get more answers on these important questions. The "Better Life Index" is a part of this work and delivers a lot of interesting facts about each country. For example: Did you know, that 75 percent of people aged 15 to 64 in Germany have a paid job - and 86 percent (aged 35 to 64) have an upper secondary education? Another interesting fact: 92 percent of people in Germany believe that they know someone they could rely on in times of need. (OECD average: 89 percent). If you would like to compare two countries you can klick on the button below "Compare to...".
More: Better Life Index - Germany
Another important point is "the precence of postive experiences" or life satisfaction also called "happiness" or "subjective well-being". The average of all OECD-Countries is 6,5. The highest level of life satisfaction within the compared countries is 7,5 - that is reached in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Swiss.

Quote: "Fame is longing. Not yours, but the audience's. A star is nothing more, nothing less, than the public face of private desire."
Frances de Pontes Peebles

External Link - European Commission: Public Surveys

picture Moon Norway, link picture gallery Winter in Norway +++ News +++ 23rd January 2019 - Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century - How to Create a Fake Public Enemy +++ . It's lot of easier to demoralize people than to motivate them, was one of Arthur Finkelstein's pieces of wisdom, following Hannes Grassegger's story about the political influencer ("consultant") Finkelstein on BuzzFeed.News. What sounds like words from the manual of a pathological narcissist got real in the creation of a monster and a fake puppet master - with a worldwide public campaign against George Soros by missusing all instruments and rules of communication and (digital) awareness. Now Grassegger has met one of Finkelsteins "children", who is still proud on this mess, as Goethe's "Zauberlehrling" has been, too. More on The Plot Against George Soros. +++1st January 2019 - AI, Jobs, Inequality and Productivity +++ In this paper researchers incorporate AI-facilated automation into a product variety-model, frequently used in endgoneous growth theory. Their work shows that if labour income does not profit from the economic gains generated by progress in AI, comsumption may stagnate and restric growth and "humans will not go the way of horses any time soon". But more research is needed for example to understand the applications of AI as an input into production, more, PDF from by Thomas Gries and Wim Naude: Artificial Intelligence, Jobs, Inequality and Productivity - Does Aggregate Demand Matter? +++

External Link - New York, New York

Quote: "Your audience is one single reader. I have found that sometimes it helps to pick out one person - a real person you know, or an imagined person - and write to that one"
John Steinbeck

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